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2020 CBD Processing Technology Forum Is on The Way
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2020 CBD Processing Technology Forum Is on The Way

2020 CBD processing technology forum is on the way

With the further development of industrialization and scalization of CBD, more high-quality resources are gathered in China. With the vigorous development of the industry, the seed sources with international competitiveness, more efficient and more forward-looking processing technology, the direction of the terminal application market, the trend of industry policies and regulations have become the most concerned issues of the industry.

The "CBD industry processing technology forum" will be held on October 13, 2020, It is organized by Sunresin New Materials Co., Ltd., will be jointly participated by the Industry Crops Institute of YAAS, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine/Yunnan National Characteristic Health Preservation Theory and Health Products Engineering Laboratory, Yunnan Industrial Hemp Association (preparatory group) and Yunnan Industrial Investment Group Co. Ltd. It will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

The forum aims to build a platform for technology and application exchange for the industry so as to help the development of CBD industry. The forum will focus on hot topics of CBD, such as industry trend, planting and processing, cutting-edge technology, laws and regulations, domestic and foreign markets, and the most advanced production and processing equipment will also be displayed. There will be a lot of authorities in the forum. It will gather the major organizations and enterprises from the CBD industry, such as associations, scientific research institutions, listed companies, brand enterprises, investment institutions and other mainstream institutions and enterprises, they will discuss the development of industrial processing technology.The organizers of this event sincerely welcome everyone to participate in this event in October! 

Date Topics
October 13th morning Opening
CBD industry analysis and future prospects
Interpretation of regulatory policies and regulations related to the industy
CBD industry support policy and industry support
Breeding and planting status of hemp at home and abroad
Sunresin new technology for the extraction and separation of
active components from hemp
October 13th afternoon Summary of CBD processing technology
One stop solution for extraction and purification of CBD
Introduction of international regulations on CBD
Development of CBD products
Industrial hemp market at home and abroad

Forum location:
Forum location

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