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Application of Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin
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Application of Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin

Application of Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin

SEPLITE® Ion Exchange Resins are very versatile in their application: one of them is the use as a mixture of Cation and Anion exchange resins also known as Mixed Bed (MB). Mixed Beds allow to perform an efficient demineralization in one process step: by intimately mixing highly regenerated Cationic and Anionic resins a Mixed Bed represents a succession of a huge number of Cationic and Anionic exchanger beds leading to a very high purity of the treated water.

Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin

MBs are used in a variety of industries covering many different performance requirements: from the Machining systems which require clean water for Wire Erosion, to the high purity requirements of water used into laboratories up to the Ultra Pure requirements of Chip Manufacturing units and Nuclear Power plants.

Sunresin product range covers all these Mixed Bed application with dedicated high quality industry proven products:
SEPLITE® MB10 and SEPLITE® MB20 offering ready to use Demineralization solution for Machining and Industrial application;
SEPLITE® Monojet MB610U and MB615U based on our Monojet uniform particle size Cationic and Anionics offer highest purity, regeneration levels and lowest TOC tailored to the UPW industry.

SEPLITE® Monojet™ MB850Nk, 860NK, 870NK and MB960NK offer a very high level of regeneration and have been especially cleaned to reduce all inorganic as well as soluble organic impurities to fulfill with the nuclear industry specifications.
Our Monojet uniform particle size Mixed Bed offer exceptional kinetic performance and allow high service flow rate as well as very low pressure losses in comparison with Gaussian bead size distribution resins.

SEPLITE® Monojet™ MB960NK is a nuclear grade pre-mixed resin which is specifically designed for use in the highest purity water treatment in nuclear power industry, composed of capacity equivalent mixture of strongly acidic cation (SAC) and strongly basic (type I) gel anion (SBA) resins. The resins are highly regenerated and specially cleaned in order to comply with the specifications of producing high purified water, reduce the inorganic impurities to the lowest level as well as removing the traces of soluble organic compounds.

With its uniform particle size which enables excellent kinetic performance and high service flow rate, the low fines result in very low pressure losses compared with Gaussian distributed resins.
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