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Chelating Resin
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Chelating Resin

SEPLITE ® Chelating Resin

SEPLITE® chelating resin is ion exchange chelating resins for metals removal, recovery and enrichment.

Chelating resin

Chelating resins are a class of ion exchange resins with reactive functional groups that chelate to metal ions. They have the same bead form and polymer matrix as usual ion exchange resin, and the variation in chelating resins arises from the nature of chelating agents linked into a polymer backbone.

SEPLITE ® Chelating resins contain a wide range of special functional groups that gives them superior selectivity for specific target metals, Such as SEPLITE®LSC710, which is the iminodiacetic acid bonded in a styrene-divinylbenzene matrix. Other functional groups bound to chelating resins are aminophosphonic acid, thiourea, 2-picolylamine and so on.

Chelating resins are almost always used to bind cations, which are found in a big range of metals removal, recovery and enrichment in a dilute solution. Chelating ion exchange resin for brine decalcification in the chlor-alkali industry, the removal of boron(B) from potable water, the recovery of precious metals like: gold(Au), platinum (Pt) ,palladium(Pd),  the removal of heavy metal like: copper(Cu), nickel(Ni), zinc(Zn), manganese(Mn), mercury(Hg) and so on.

Typical Applications Of Chelating Resin


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Category List
SEPLITE® LAR714 Iron loaded type, used for Highly arsenic removal
SEPLITE® LSC485 Bispicolylamine Type, Used for Nickel Removal
SEPLITE® LSC495 Bispicolylamine type, used for Separation of copper,nickel,and cobalt etc
SEPLITE® LSC660 Guanidine Type, Used for Gold Recovery from Alkaline Cyanide Leach
SEPLITE® LSC710 Iminodiacetic type, Used for Heavy metal removal from solutions
SEPLITE® LSC720 Thiouronium type, used for Heavy metal removal, Au, Pt, Pd, Hg, etc
SEPLITE® LSC724 Thiourea type, High precision Mecury recovery
SEPLITE® LSC730 Phosphonic and sulfonic acid type, used for Iron removal in acidic solution
SEPLITE® LSC740 Thiol type, used for Mercury removal
SEPLITE® LSC743 Thiol Type, Used for Mercury Removal
SEPLITE® LSC750 Amino phosphonic type, used for Purification of secondary brine
SEPLITE® LSC760 Amino phosphonic in AL form, used for Fluorine removal from solutions
SEPLITE LSC 770 Complex Amine type, used for Rhenium recovery
SEPLITE® LSC772 Cyanex 272 impremented type, used for Cobalt removal from nickel sulfate solutions
SEPLITE® LSC780 N-Methylglucamine, used for Boron removal
SEPLITE® LSC788 Quaternary ammonium Type, Strong Base, Used for Selective Removal of Uranium
SEPLITE® LSC790 D2EHPA impremented type, used for Scandium&Zinc recovery
SEPLITE® Monojet™ LSC7100 Macroporous, weak acid, Na+ form, with iminodiacetate chelating active group
SEPLITE LSI 106 plus Triethylamine type, used for Nitrate removal
SEPLITE LSI 106 Tributylamine type, used for Perchlorate removal
SEPLITE LGA 750 Amidoxime type, used for recovery of various metals
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