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Gallium Extraction from Bayer Liquor
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Gallium Extraction from Bayer Liquor

1. Gallium in Bayer mother liquor

Gallium is a rare metal that plays an important role in the semiconductor industry. The demand for metal gallium has increased year by year. However, the source of metal gallium is scarce, and its products are mainly from by-products of the aluminum industry. Bauxite usually contains 0.002-0.008% of metal gallium. In the process of producing alumina by Bayer process, about 70% of the metal gallium in bauxite is leached with alumina, and about 30% remains in red mud. With the circulation of the Bayer mother liquor, the concentration of metal gallium in the Bayer mother liquor can be accumulated to 100-300 ppm.

2. Sunresin metal gallium extraction and recovery resin

The method of chelating resin has become the main way to extract metal gallium from Bayer mother liquor. The existing chelating resins in the market still have many problems, such as a low adsorption, poor strength, and harsh use conditions, which bring certain difficulties to the industrialization process.
Sunresin developed a proprietary metal gallium chelating resin and made this process very popular in China. This resin is not only more selective, but also greatly increases the amount of adsorption and strength. This allows the resin to produce more gallium, working in a longer life and be more stable in operation.

3. Sunresin metal gallium resource technology

The recovery of metal gallium is a waste recycling technology, with better economic value, and has become a stable source of increased profits for many aluminum industries.
In our case, the customer chose a stimulated moving bed, and Sunresin was responsible for the construction and operation of the entire EPC project. In the case that everything is ready, the project will be completed within three months and the construction period will be short. The project is mature in technology and stable in operation, and can realize continuous production of 4N metal gallium.
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If you are an aluminum producer, consider recycling gallium in your mother liquor, which is definitely a rewarding project.
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